CFRB and it's New Format

This page is to replace the old Member's agreement as we have made things better for both member/reviewers and for CFRB itself.  The main thrust is to unburden members from adding a workload, and yet use the workload they already have.  Let me explain.
Under the old CFRB we had to find authors and secure books for reviewers to read and write reviews during a tour.  Tours lasted 6 days with one prayer day kicking off the tour.   The reviewer only needed to put up one review anytime during that week.
Under the new CFRB we realize that members are already reading books and to add another reading assignment to them may be unfair.  So we are asking that member/reviewers would review the books they are currently reading, send us a copy of their review, as well as their web address, and links to where the book is sold online.  We can then repost the review and send people to the reviewer's website or blog.  This should increase traffic to both of our sites.  The increased…
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